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East dessert "Coffee and halva"

East dessert "Coffee and halva"

2016-08-04 22:27:20   0   1570

This drink is very widespread in the OAU. Halva and Sherbet are well saturated, and coffee invigorates. Rumor has it that the recipe invented by himself Sheikh Khalifa AlNahayyan. Who knows, maybe it's true. The drink is actually very tasty, so be sure to try it.


50 oz. peanut halva.

Cream (10% fat).

Fresh Brewed Coffee (250 ml.) We recommend to try Lavazza Tierra Coffee, ground

Syrup TM "EMMI" Maple. You can also use syrup "Hazelnut"

How to cook?

Habitual way for you to brew coffee, filter it, Let cool slightly and add the syrup. Using blender mix and whisk cream and halva. Then add the coffee and stir again all. The drink is ready!

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