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The beneficial properties of coffee

The beneficial properties of coffee

2016-05-21 21:15:59   0   1871

Coffee - flavored drink with a noble, pleasant, no matter what do not like the taste and unique invigorating effect. That is why millions of people begin their morning with a cup of this drink extremely tasty. Coffee reputed birthplace of hot Ethiopia, and to us fragrant coffee first brought in 1665. Quite well known beneficial properties of coffee, about them and go below it.

Even in ancient times was considered a drink of coffee selected, and it is not surprising, since he had already attracted attention for its healing properties. It contains an abundance of all kinds of grains micronutrients such as calcium, potassium, sodium, iron, sulfur, and phosphorus as well as organic acids, of which more than 30.

Drinking coffee improves the memory of people. This conclusion was American researchers from the University of Baltimore. Scientists have found that a beneficial effect on the memory of about 200 mg. caffeine. It is worth remembering that the abuse of coffee is not desirable. Coffee improves brain blood supply, thereby increasing brain activity. It is proved that coffee may reduce the harm from smoking. The likelihood of bladder cancer in smokers is increased 7-fold, and coffee reduce it to 3 times.

In addition, coffee improves mood. This tart drink contains serotonin called "hormone of happiness", and why is a wonderful antidepressant.

We also know a lot of coffee diets that help the fair sex to find a beautiful figure. This is explained by the fact that caffeine enhances metabolism, promoting fat burning.

In addition to the main application for the production of coffee drinks, it is also widely used for the manufacture of many desserts, cakes, creams and various other food products.

In general, the coffee - a versatile product. It can be used even for cosmetic purposes. From the ground coffee can cook wonderful tonic masks and scrubs. For example, if you mix 2 parts favorite shower gel and 1 part of ground coffee, you get a stunning body scrub with a delicious aroma.

Thus, the coffee is undoubtedly a magical drink, awarding her a gourmet, not only exquisite taste and the effect of vivacity, but also a whole bunch of different positive characteristics. But remember that coffee is beneficial only if it does not consume more than three cups per day.

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