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Coffee drink "Frozen Orange"

Coffee drink "Frozen Orange"

2016-08-04 22:25:09   0   1454

Do you want to vary the daily morning menu? Then cook the orange coffee. An exquisite combination of two traditional morning beverage cheer not only excellent, but also raise the mood perfectly.


Fresh and zest of one orange.

½ cup water.

½ cup sugar (less possible).

Chilled fresh coffee (at the rate of 3 tablespoons 2 cups of water). Use ground coffee Lavazza Qualita Oro

3-4 tablespoons whipped cream.


Step by step recipe

In a pan with hot water, put the sugar and slices of dried orange peel, then boil everything on low heat, stirring constantly. The result should be a syrup which prior to use should be well cool. To save time, use a ready-made orange syrup from TM "EMMI".

Mix fresh with syrup and coffee. Whipped cream can be added now or leave them for a drink last decorations.

The resulting mix is ​​poured into tall glasses, decorate them with cream and orange slices, add ice and serve households or enthusiastic guests.

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