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Coffee beans Lavazza Gran Aroma Bar 1kg

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60% Arabica, 40% Robusta. Medium roast. Weight 1kg,

The optimal combination of Arabica and Robusta in one package vacuum type. Order coffee Lavazza Gran Aroma Bar you can have: only the best Arabica from Colombia sunlit tall slopes, robusta - a native of the African continent rainy heart. Grains of medium roast give Velvet Cream and pleasant aftertaste.

 Flavour and Fragrance

 Bright, a heady mix of bitter Robusta and Arabica saturated. You can feel the light notes of cocoa. Aroma - invigorating, strong, full-bodied.

 We drink at the event

 Espresso Lavazza Gran Aroma Bar is sure to impress both fans finish the hearty meal with a cup of real coffee, and active people who need energy boost in the morning.

 How to order coffee Lavazza?

 Click on a special form, and the selected coffee fall into the basket. To buy coffee Lavazza, will only have to fill in your details for further communication.

Светочка Серова
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Пила, пью и буду пить! – сказала я своему мужу, когда он сделал мне замечание о том, что я употребляю слишком много кофе. Разве можно отказать себе в удовольствии наслаждаться великолепным зерновым кофе? Арома Бар это реально совершенство.
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