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Gourmet Coffee

Gourmet Coffee

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Perhaps no connoisseurs and gourmets, who would converge in a single opinion, when it comes to coffee. Each variety of good Arabica is ideal. The palette of flavors and tones depends on the place of growth of coffee tree

 With or without sour

 Innocents mistakenly believe that coffee with a sour taste - it is cheap. Yes, in part they are right. But then we must think about the blend of Arabica and Robusta.

 But there is the best grades of Arabica, which are the natural fruit acidity. And the taste feature does not spoil the drink.

 For coffees sour refers Peruvian arabica. This sort of like those who can not tolerate the bitterness. The drink has a soft berry acidity and easily drinkable. Not knocks down, because it contains a small amount of caffeine.

 To sour varieties also include Mexican, Colombian, Kenyan coffee and Costa Rica.

 But Mocha, Nicaragua, Honduras - Arabica for men. These varieties have some bitterness and very strong.

 For the ladies have their own varieties. This is coffee which has a special bouquet aftertaste, weak. You can drink it, even in the afternoon.

 Truly it is unsurpassed "Yorgachif" (Ethiopia). The name comes from naming the area where grow coffee trees. coffee taste spicy, slightly sweet, with a little bit of fruit acidity.

 It is impossible not to mention the "Yellow Bourbon" (Brazil). The taste of the finished beverage blend brings together a combination of honey sweetness with a tart little perceptible bitterness.

 An excellent coffee Guatemala. He has a thick chocolate flavor, which is combined with a taste of smoked prunes and spicy bitterness. The drink has a distinctive aroma of smoke. This is not surprising, Arabica grows in volcanic soils smoky.

 How to emphasize the blend

 The finale, which determines the final taste and aroma of coffee is roasting. As it is known, is a dark, light and medium degree of it.

 Dark roasting gives bitterness, light - astringency. But the best for the best varieties of Arabica coffee is a medium roast.

 Because of her coffee beans, depending on the variety, acquire greater intensity of taste and strong aroma. Moreover, all the tone blends are stored.

 For example, a cup of coffee in Brazil retains discreet nutty flavor; in Costa Rica - just crisp sour wine dense shade, Mexican coffee has chocolate flavor.

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