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How about a delicious novelties?

How about a delicious novelties?

2017-02-09 22:23:19   0   1203

Dear friends! Want to say a huge thank you for what you choose our online store and we hasten to please you with excellent coffee news. Ordering the mugs on Starbucks, buyers are often interested in whether the sale of the legendary coffee of the brand? Therefore, we decided to complement our range of these high quality, fragrant, invigorating and incredibly delicious coffee.

Now it is not necessary to wait until Starbucks finally open a branded coffee shop in your city. You can enjoy the perfect taste of the coffee, just brew it at home or in the office. And yet, this magic drink, you can always take along that's twice as nice! Using a travel mug or thermos, you always and everywhere will have the opportunity to drink high quality coffee Starbucks.

The company applies these technologies of production, in which grain as long as possible retain its original freshness, aroma and flavor properties. The quality of the raw materials we use only selected Arabica, grown in ecologically clean parts of our planet. Professional roasting, careful grinding and innovative packaging retains all the beneficial properties of coffee and give it the same magical touch that won the hearts of millions of lovers of the drink.

By the way, the most of coffee products of the brand are produced with a mark of "Fair Trade", meaning that the production has been fully complied with all environmental requirements and no child labor is used. Starbucks actively participates in various charity events, helping people in poor countries and promotes global ecological agriculture.

On our site you can always buy the grain and ground coffee of different roast and mix of varieties. Hurry to try a new flavor!

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