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Cold coffee «ten minutes»

Cold coffee «ten minutes»

2016-08-03 22:18:50   0   1306

Summers are hot all times, and not to get to anywhere. Of course, you can emigrate to the North Pole, but for the majority of coffee drinkers is not an option. Therefore, we saved from the heat less dramatic methods and prepare the original cooling drinks.


Freshly brewed coffee. You can use the Lavazza Qualita Oro.


Sugar to taste.

Ice to cool.

How to cook?

Boil coffee any way you like. After the filter and add sugar to taste. Then take a deep bowl, fill it with cold water and pour to a prepared ice. Now the most important step: pour the coffee ready in a plastic bag with a zip are well sealed and we send it to our local North Pole (in a container with ice). In an ice bath, the package should be in 10 minutes, if during this time the ice melts much, add it again. After cooling, remove the package, pour the coffee into cups, add milk.

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