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And you to brew green tea?

And you to brew green tea?

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Green tea has a special brewing technology, which preserves a delicate flavor and medicinal properties of the beverage. If you just pour boiling water over the tea leaves, you risk to ruin your tea in the beginning. In order to get a cup of tasty and fragrant drink, follow three simple rules:

Use high-quality tea leaves.

Brewing water should not reach temperatures of 100 degrees.

Water should be soft and free of impurities.

Buy tea, which would be an excellent basis for your perfect tea party, you can at our website. We have a collection of varieties grown in ecologically clean mountainous plantations. Coffee Shop cooperates with proven producers, who pay careful attention to the quality of raw material, its processing and packaging. The result is a fresh, natural product which when brewed reveals all its complex facets of taste and bouquet of aromas.

The classic way to brew green tea, which gave us Chinese

In China, the infusion of the tea leaves is considered a drink of the gods, the pearl of wisdom and longevity. There are many special rituals and traditions associated with the use of tea, for it is written a lot of poems, legends and philosophical treatises. Even lovers instead of the traditional gifts of flowers or chocolates on the first date presented his beloved pack of good tea, which symbolizes the purity of their intentions and the seriousness of the senses.

The Chinese believe tea is brewed correctly when the infusion is stable attractive aroma, delicate neutral flavor without bitterness and light color with greenish and yellowish tints. To achieve this skill uses the following technologies:

To prepare a ceramic, earthenware and glassware.

Utensils for infusion should be preheated. This is to ensure that hot water is designed for welding of tea leaves not sprayed onto the heating custard teapot and fully disclose the magical potential of leaves themselves.

Tea is not the last fermentation, oolong and oolongs should be brewed with boiling water, which is about 80 ° C. Then the tea leaves completely gives its magical properties and taste.

The first time water from the teapot always drained. This is in order to effectively wash away the dust raid caught on the raw material during drying, the first time the tea is poured hot water, and it is completely drained after a few seconds.

Steamed leaves on the floor minute left to relax and "breathe". Then 15-20 them again pour hot water (80gradusov).

Ready infusion is poured into a pre-warmed porcelain or earthenware cups and enjoy the taste of healing.

In contrast to the black green tea can be brewed 4-5 times. From this it tastes just get better and useful properties is not going away. To feel the full range of natural taste, the true connoisseurs are not added to the infusion of sugar. Good companies for green tea will be honey, which successfully complements the wonderful taste of infusion.

The original method of brewing "Turkish tea"

In Turkey, all drink tea, from small to large. Brewed drink a very unusual way for us - with the help of a special device - a two-tier kettle. In preparing the infusion of such technology in the water bath: the top of the device and put the tea leaves is filled with hot water and poured into the bottom water which must boil. Cooking time is about 15-20 minutes. Turkish infusion has strongly expressed pleasant aroma and has invigorating properties.

Where to buy tea at the best prices?

In the Coffee Shop you will find a wide range of different species and varieties of green tea in its purest form and in tasty combinations. Prices for the products is quite different and in several segments, so everyone will be able to buy tea that will have his taste. Enjoy your tea!

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