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5 myths about the dangers of coffee

5 myths about the dangers of coffee

2016-10-10 21:28:41   0   1835

Today coffee - one of the most popular beverage consumed in the world. But while many fans of this aromatic drink sure that coffee is like a drug. Accordingly, the daily number of people deliberately harm your body. In fact, coffee is surrounded by a halo of many myths. Let's try to understand them.

 Myth 1: Coffee causes gastritis and stomach ulcers

 It has been proved that gastritis and stomach ulcers caused by the bacterium 'Helicobacter pylori'. And coffee has nothing to do with gastritis. Of course, in the acute phase of gastritis or ulcers of coffee can have an irritating effect, so its use is restricted. However, it is the cause of these diseases is not coffee.

 Myth 2: The coffee is harmful for people with diseases of the cardiovascular system

 The conventional view is that coffee is harmful for people with weak blood vessels and heart. Therefore, people who have a heart attack or stroke happened, run a cup of flavored drink, like fire. In fact, it is shown that people who consume coffee, attacks occur much less frequently and more easily tolerated.

 Myth 3: coffee increases blood pressure

 Coffee may slightly increase the pressure of a person who had never consumed coffee or used it rarely. If the coffee is always present in your life, your blood pressure will not affect it in any way. Therefore, coffee is not lead to hypertension.

 Myth 4: The coffee can not drink with gout

 People suffering from gout in the diet often indicate that coffee use is prohibited. However, recent studies have shown that coffee consumption reduces the severity of attacks of gouty arthritis.

 Myth 5: coffee provokes abortions

 Pregnant women can use no more than 1 cup of coffee per day, t. To. Caffeine can cross the placenta into the amniotic fluid and have a stimulating effect on the fetus. beverage consumption within reasonable limits, does not harm the unborn baby.

 Now you know that coffee is not always brings only harm. But it is worth remembering that the recommended dose of daily coffee consumption is about 400 mg, t. E. 3-4 cups. Do not overdo it and enjoy your favorite flavored drink without remorse.

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